Music Video Production

PIQUÉ Production specialise in all types of video production including Music Videos, Business Promotional Videos, Fashion Videos, Live Events and many more! Check out our portfolio for samples of our work, we have a giant database showing a wide range of styles and themes of video production for all budgets.

customized solutions

Music Video Production: PIQUÉ Production

PIQUÉ Production Music Video offers customized solutions to suit different music projects. We can deal with a wide range of productions, filming singers, musicians, bands, or even orchestras. We provide locations, lighting kits, props, actors, and all the personnel and the equipment required to shoot music videos.

PIQUÉ Production covers most music videos and are dedicated to the craft and culture. Bring on Rock, Rap and Indie, bring on Hip-Hop, Heavy Metal and Pop, bring on Classical, Dance, and Soul.

we are not cutting corners

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PIQUÉ Production is a United Arab Emirates based music video production company with studios in Dubai. Throughout these pages we describe the full range of services we offer, show off the music videos we have produced and explain the detail that goes on every time our music video directors finish a music video project.