SERVICE Production Dubai

We provide complete support and services for all your production needs across the United Arab Emirates. PIQUÉ Production is known for our resourceful contacts, problem-solving skills and scrupulous attention to budget. Our services range from acting as your local liaison to provide full production services.

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SERVICE Production: PIQUÉ Production

We can help provide all of the necessary pieces to bring your project together, with over a decade of experience in sourcing everything, from catering to decorations.

We provide service production support for international production companies looking for support when shooting in Dubai whether it’s Cast, Locations, Equipment and Permits, we have you covered.

Video Production Services

Line Production Services is one of PIQUÉ Production ’s specialities, and we organise your production tasks in a way you could only imagine. You can bind all your production-related work in a go as we provide inclusive production services under one roof.

Budget & Accounts

By thoroughly reviewing your script or storyboards and other production details, we prepare budgets and send you an estimate. A comprehensive production and accounting wrap up are provided for post-shoot.

Location Scouting

The UAE offers a great diversity of locations ranging from pristine landscapes to bustling cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ras Alkhaimah. Our location scouts will recommend you the best locations.

Crew & Equipment for rent

A skilful and patient production crew along with top of the line equipment fulfils the need for efficient filming. In that matter, we do not compromise on either of these essential aspects. Yet, we offer quality solutions that suit any size budget.

Film Studio & Set Construction

If you don’t want to use some readily accessible sets our creative production designer can customise one for you.

Logistics and Accomodation

We are a culturally diverse and multilingual professionals on board versed with Arabic/UK conditions providing harmony and perfect understanding between your crew and script.

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PIQUÉ Production offers Line Production in Dubai, UAE. We work with global companies, agencies and organizations in a multilingual environment. Our aim is to deliver the best quality video content, maximizing production worth for our clients’ budgets.