Dino De Luca

Dino graduated with a CAP from the Paris School of Photography in 1992, following an apprenticeship in Paris.

He held his first of many exhibitions that same year, showing his prints of Italy to critical acclaim. Fate led him to travel the world, first living in London and then Jakarta, Buenos Aires,Osaka and Rabat.

He relocated to Abu Dhabi with his family in 2015. Along the way he has picked up six languages. Dino’s personal favourite genre is black and white street portraits but his work has included a wide range of activities including working in two professional studios in London and Paris, agency work, commercial work including company brochures, websites and national campaigns, portraits, weddings and event work including covering Royal visits.

In 2009 he published two books of Japan, entitled ‘Kansai’ and ‘Sakura’ and in 2010 a book of Morocco entitled, ‘My first six months in Morocco.’ In 2010 he won two international photographic competitions: Phototravel Gold Medal, Trierenberg Super Circuit International Photographic Competition Portrait Bronze Medal, Aperture Awards In 2011,2012 2014 and 2015 he won another Portrait Bronze Medal at the International Loupe Awards.

He held two exhibitions in 2011, ‘Parkours’ at the British Council in Casablanca and ‘Inside Morocco’ at the Diplomatica Magazine HQ and created a charity calendar for the Diplomatic Bazaar.

In 2012 he enjoyed going behind the scenes for a special photo documentary at Paris Fashion Week and he was invited to Morocco to hold an exhibition sponsored by the Government there. While there he gave a masterclass to the young up and coming photographers of Morocco.

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