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To create original


PIQUÉ Production is a leading FILM PRODUCTION COMPANY IN DUBAI, UAE. We focus with directly commissioned content and are trusted by clients/strategic partners across multiple industry sectors in the greater MENA region inclusive of (arts, commercial, corporate, medical, education).

We have had a presence in the greater MENA region since 2016 and we will deliver the video film/digital content that reach your visionary and financial expectations.

PIQUÉ Production connects influencers with brands, representing creators, production and product development services.

bring your project to life

our story

PIQUÉ Production is a global facilitator of media production. We have in-house, local and global talent to bring your project to life at the highest standards. Our services include professional photography, videography facilitation as well as in house post production including 3D rendering.

PIQUÉ Production create and produce digital content along with connecting influencers with brands.


We all know the difficulties and different opinions that can arise during any kind of production. We aim to reduce the above by pushing for transparency, from both a workflow and financial perspective.


To create original, talked about content by collaborating with agencies and brands alike.

We don’t like the client-supplier model. For us, collaborating with our partners ensures we team up and deliver what is required, keeping in mind the creative and the budget.

local and global talent

why choose us

With years of professional production experience, we are not cutting corners. Give us the details and will show you how it’s done.

Professional Team

PIQUÉ Production is a nest for creative production minds where we harness the ideas and weave it to reality.

market leader

PIQUÉ Production as a leading production agency has provided a long list of excellent work through the years from photography to film production.

bright idea

PIQUÉ Production will ask for your ideas then tweak it a little and raise the bar higher where your expectations will be provided.

good formula

PIQUÉ Production collaborative team of photographers, directors and producers everything is covered in one place.